K&G 3F tubamunnstykke, sølv

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The newly developed Tuba mouthpieces were created with the same principles of all K&G designs. These mouthpieces come in a range of four different rim sizes, ranging in size between 30.5mm and 33.5mm. The well-balanced cup produces a robust and broad sound in all registers. The cup’s design helps the air flow smoothly to the throat, transforming all the air in full resonant dark timbre with a clear articulation, followed by measured resistance. All these features result in the player having maximum control and pitch stability.

The rim profile is the same as that used in all K&G designs and is engineered for extreme comfort, lip support, flexibility and high definition attacks.

Designation Rim Inside Diameter (mm) F (Very Deep)
1 33.5 1F
2 33.0 2F
3 32.5 3F
4 32.0 4F
5 31.5 5F
6 31.0 6F
7 30.5 7F
Available in medium wide rims only
K&G Kurun & Gilbert Mouthpieces

K&G Kurun & Gilbert Mouthpieces

Egge Musikk er stolf av å innledet samarbeid med K&G mouthpieces for salg av deres produkter i Norge.

Disse munnstykkene har blitt veldig populære blant musikere.