K&G althornmunnstykke 7D,sølv

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The newly developed Tenor Horn mouthpieces were created with the same principles of all K&G designs. A new range of four different rim diameters ranging from 18 to 19.5 with a well balanced cup. The design offers a warm lyric beautiful sound in all registers followed by a comfortable feel that gives the player more ease and flexibility. The unique K&G rim profile is the same as that used in all K&G designs and is engineered for extreme comfort, lip support, security and high definition attacks with clear articulation.

Please see the data below and the comparison chart or contact K&G to assist your choice.

Designation Rim Inside Diameter (mm) D (deep)
1 19.5 1D
3 19 3D
5 18.5 5D
7 18 7D
K&G Kurun & Gilbert Mouthpieces

K&G Kurun & Gilbert Mouthpieces

Egge Musikk er stolf av å innledet samarbeid med K&G mouthpieces for salg av deres produkter i Norge.

Disse munnstykkene har blitt veldig populære blant musikere.